SmallTrades Portfolio


2022 holdings

The table shows my actively-managed investment portfolio as of 12/31/2022.  All securities were traded in an American stock exchange and have a unique ticker to identify the security.  The ETF is an exchange-traded investment fund designed to match the growth of U.S. large cap stocks.  Each Stock is listed with its Market Sector and Mkt Cap.  Allocation is the percentage of the portfolio’s market value derived from its holdings of cash, ETF, and stocks.  In the Strategy column, the growth strategy is to purchase a stock at a reasonably low price and hold it until the company stops growing over several-to-many years.  As the company matures, its stock price should increase along with the company’s annual net income.  The drip strategy is to purchase an ETF and reinvest dividends in additional shares of the fund.  The beneficial effect of ‘drip’ becomes more significant as the ETF survives several market cycles. 

Douglas R. Knight

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