Market participants

Participants.  The flow of capital between market participants creates investment opportunities.  The key participants are businesses who seek funds, investors who provide funding, and market makers who charge fees to transfer the funds 1.  About 75% of investors are millionaires-billionaires 2.  Among all participants, an estimated ninety million Americans invest in stocks and bonds  3,4.

InvestorsInstitutional investors make big trades in primary (wholesale) markets where issuers of securities and contracts receive large chunks of capital to operate businesses.  Institutions use a variety of strategies including arbitrage, speculation, and market making to earn profits in the primary and secondary markets.

Individual investors use the strategies of speculation and indexing to make small trades in the secondary (retail) market.  Do-it-yourself investors are individuals who make self-guided trades in the secondary market.

Celebrities. Benjamin Graham 5 introduced the world to two players of the stock market, ”Mr. Market” and “Intelligent Investor”, who possess quite different temperaments.  Mr. Market is moody; Intelligent Investor is contrary.  John Bogle described the ordinary player of the stock market, “Average Investor”.   “Average Investor” personifies the entire group of players who in theory earn the stock market’s return.  But “Average Investor” can never earn the market’s full return after paying the fees charged by brokers and money managers.

Copyright © 2012 Douglas R. Knight


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