ETF #scorecard: Global X Social Media Index ETF (SOCL: nasdaq)


SOCL is a new ETF that seeks to match the market performance of internet and mobile apps stocks in the new social media industry (think of facebook, google, twitter, yelp, zynga).  The fund holds nearly 30 equities — 29 equities on 7/5/2012; 80% internet & mobile apps stocks; 12% software stocks; 8% consumer cyclical stocks (e.g., internet retail, TV/radio); 57% of stocks are listed in North American/European markets and 43% are listed in Asian/Pacific markets.  The fund’s list of holdings did not disclose any form of debt –.   The fund has about $18 million of assets under management that provides an estimated salary of $120,000/year split between 2 managers.

The Index is a new index provided by the German company, Structured Solutions AG.  It’s an independent financial services firm that publishes at least 97 specialized indices (e.g., sports gambling).  The Social Media Index is not currently listed by




SOCL is a very high risk investment in view of its inexperience and low net worth.  Click on this link, Scorecard, for more information about interpreting the scorecard.

Copyright © 2012 Douglas R. Knight

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